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Sign this petition to bring MiniMonos back on iOS!

Hi everyone!

I’m back! 🙂

Me and Davidp81 from MiniMonos have decided to start a petition to bring back MiniMonos, but this time on iOS devices!

Here’s why:

To many, MiniMonos was a place where you could go to make friends, learn about the environment and have fun at the same time! In May 2013, MiniMonos announced that due to the shift in technology, more children are playing games on iOS devices and unfortunately MiniMonos (an online virtual world on the computer) had to close down!  We started this petition because very recently, competing virtual world, Club Penguin opened the game on iOS devices! We hope that if this petition goes well, MiniMonow can re-open on iOS devices, and maybe even one day on the computer again! We know it’s very unlikely that this petition will be successful, we just hope that it makes an impact!



We are trying to get 50 signatures! Please help us if you really miss MiniMonos and want it back just at much as we do!

-Tommypp and Davidp81


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I miss you all so much and Pop Lock’N’Rooooll!

Hi Monkeys!

How is everyone? Going well?

Well…. I’m back! 🙂

So excited to be able to tell you that MiniMonos will officially be releasing a brand new game, yes it’s a new game, but it’s not a virtual world, not this time at least!

They are bringing us an open-source trading card and dice game mixed together!

Think of a trading card game like Magic the Gathering, but you don’t hold the cards in your hand, instead you slot them onto the faces of a large dice. When it’s your turn to go you take a card from one of the faces of your dice and play it, then you roll the dice. Using whatever special powers the card gives you and the number you roll you try to beat your opponent over a series of rolls – blasting away cards from their dice and the deck that replenishes the cards on their dice. Whoever runs out of cards first, is the loser!

Click here to download the rules!

This is one of our prototypes for the a Rumble Bot design. It's still being refined for ease of construction - Why not print and make it, we'd love your feedback.

This is a prototype version for the Rumble Bot design!

Slides - These slot onto your Rumble Bot and give the game its depth. We're just getting underway with one of our biggest tasks, which is converting all our little scrawled but highly playable Slides into great looking, easy to understand components.

The above image is of the slides!

This sounds SO AWESOME! Even more exciting, you can donate to the new game here!

Why should you donate to the new game:


As Pop Lock’N’Rooooll progresses with the designs we have we’re constantly making little tweaks, and every tweak needs to be tested in the only way we know how – by printing a version and building it. As time goes by we’re working our way through plenty of paper and pots of glue quite quickly. But that cost is nothing compared to printer ink, which always runs out when we need it most (which is always). And so far we’ve only got a couple of Rumble Bots designed, so who knows how much paper, glue and ink we’ll have used by the time we launch.

Without your generous help there’s no way we can get Pop, Lock ‘n’ Rooooll to the standard we need to in order to launch it on the world.

Please give generously to this amazing new game — MiniMonos Time can’t wait until it’s available!! 😀


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EXCLUSIVE: New Footage of Zinky drawing new items for MonkeyMe!

Hey Monkeys!

I’ve got an exclusive for you today!

The MiniMonos Team have been up to some top-secret stuff lately….. more to be revealed later!!

Today, though, Zinky has revealed all new footage of herself drawing some cool looking items for MonkeyMe!

Take a look below:

Not working? Click here:


I think it looks amazing! She put so much effort into that! Go Zinky!!

I can’t wait to see it and I’ve been promised that a new MonkeyMe update is coming very soon…. stay tuned!

P.S: I heard it’s featuring something that lots of Monkeys would of definitely heard of…… hmm!!



MiniMonos Farewelled Today! More EPIC news regarding MiniMonos Time!

Hello Monkeys!

I have a mixture of news for you today! Lots of information for you to take in so please have you thinking caps on!

First of all, MiniMonos had a fantastic farewell earlier today, a big successful farewell for MiniMonos!

finalpartyminimonos piepartyminimonos

We even got a visit from the very first EcoMom! (I think it was her!!)

It was very exciting to see her again for the last time!

Second of all, I have a big announcement to make, the following announcement will make you quite exciting and I know what some of your emotions will be like! Please read on:

MiniMonos Time WILL definitely be staying for a long long time! Very exciting news comes from the team at MiniMonos Time today!!

MiniMonos may be gone (hopefully not forever!), but MiniMonos, as you probably know will be working on new apps!

MiniMonos Time will be a network of information for all the news and information you need on all of the new MiniMonos apps!

MiniMonos Time will be having exclusive interviews with the team who create these amazing apps and I promise I will still be the same person!

Over the next month, I need you to understand that little may happen as the MiniMonos Team (the ones who are staying on) will be very busy, I heard they are changing to a smaller office so please let them have time to set up this new office and get organized!

After that, the production for all these awesome new apps will begin! I already know that there is definitely one app in the works currently!

They call it “MonkeyRanger”! MonkeyRanger is being developed by both the MiniMonos Team and Nokia!! Check out the exclusive sneak peek video below:

(Sorry that it is only a link!)

I am super excited for this! 😀 It looks really cool!

I also heard…. BadgerFox is going to create a new project!! Although I am not entirely sure if this is true, he said he would maybe see us in his next project (Which makes me think it’s a Virtual World because he said “See us”!)

I am really happy with what I am doing! Tinkatolli Temple by Tommypp and BrettAxley will still be available, too! 🙂

-Tommypp and the MiniMonos Time Team

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Special xPower Cannister at Leatherback Lagoon!

Hey Monkeys!

VERY special announcement for you all!!

Chansu from the MiniMonos Team, messaged me on MiniMonos telling me something very very special…..

You can grab the special xPower Canister at Leatherback Lagoon!!!

In this canister, there is EVERY type of xPower you can imagine! 😀



Every time you leave the room and come back it’s a different xPower!

So why don’t you head down to Leatherback Lagoon today and prepare yourself for the final MiniMonos party!

-Tommypp and Chansu



Exciting news! New Blog released!

Hi Monkeys!

With all this terrible news of the closure on MiniMonos, I thought it would be nice to cheer you up!!

I know lots of you still love Virtual Worlds so much (just like me!), and you’re probably hoping that we can all meet up again on another Virtual World!

Guess what?!?! I have been working on a project with a fellow Monkey friend (BrettAxley)

for a while now….. I officially announce Tinkatolli Temple!


I am super excited to post on our new blog “Tinkatolli Temple” very soon!

Although the site might not be finished, it’s already starting to show how EPIC it’s going to be!

Tinkatolli is a game, just like MiniMonos, where you can play games and meet with friends! (

I can’t wait to see you all on Tinkatolli soon! 🙂