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Featured Monkey

The Featured Monkey  is….


Bananatastic is funny, friendly, and awesome of course.

Bananatastic is the Party Master on MiniMonos.

Not only is he that, but he is a really nice monkey. He will help anybody who needs help.

He is also a good friend that you know hang out with and just fool around!

Bananatastic is probably the most known monkey on MiniMonos.

His parties are great, fun and funny sometimes 🙂

Thank you Bananatastic for being such an amazing monkey and every monkey thanks you for that.

– The MiniMonos Time Team –

86 thoughts on “Featured Monkey

  1. Awesome cade very well done for being a featured monkey you must have done loads of hard work ~mitchallen

  2. Yay im the featured monkey !!!!!!!! Thx Tommypp

  3. How u become a featuerd monkey?

  4. Woot! 🙂

  5. Plz can I Be the featured Monkey Tommypp!

  6. awesome work bg youve worked on minimonos solving problems solving argues (most getting into them xD) bet youve workd hard

  7. wd bananagirl 🙂

  8. Yeah Warturtle woot!!!

  9. well done guys 😀

  10. Yay im featured Monkey!

  11. When is the next draw for featured monkey?

  12. how do u become a fetaured munk?


  13. Hi Tommypp How do i become featured monk?

  14. Yerk i just told Jas! Look at my comment above yours!

  15. You can become a Featured Monkey by being picked by me or Tommypp =)

  16. Hello wd chewer for been the featured monkey everyone who doesnt know how to be a features monkey you have to be good on minimonos and maybe post good comments helping people on minimonos time 🙂 ~mitchallen

  17. I think i wanna be a Featured Monkey! 😀

  18. Thanks mitchallen and wd jayfeather!

  19. Thanks chewer for letting me know! 😀

  20. I remember that coolest treehouse contest. Does anyone know when the winner will be announced?

  21. Congrats TailaJessie! Who wants to be Featured Monkey next time? 🙂

  22. WD TJ but can anyone answer my question?

  23. lol thx guyz teo n tommy 😀 n btw tht pic is SO COOL gotta use tht some time :O


  24. Gratz Tj!!! :DDD

    ~Jas aka pinky

  25. I can’t wait to see if I’m a featured M0NKEY 😛

  26. You are Seaniepat! A very big well done!

  27. gratz SP :DD

  28. Thanks so MUCH. Can’t wait to find out the other wonderful monkeys that could be featured. I have some on mind! 😀

  29. Woot,Great job SeaniePat well done:)

  30. Gratz Seanie! 😀


  31. Gratz Tina 🙂


  32. Good job you know you should work for minimonos because you help milliens of monkeys and read blogs soo well don;)

    From max838

    Fantastico bannanas

  33. Well done Jas

  34. Well done jas wazzup tommy and if u wanna know the great winner of the treehouse cotest TOMMY WINS! congratz tommy love ur house and garden shawn are u chaungito >_> u suspisious lolz 😛 wonder if i will be a maximonkey or featured monkey next week x] lolage Trick or treat! have a great halloween everybody theres a new orbventure pack i have won it today wooot u get pumpkins items some halloween doors its awesome love the minimonos updates yayayay woot woot ninjas win the pirates did well 😀 gratz pirates u were worthy opponents 😀 >_> u tryed hard if i could make the ambassadors do something for u like GIVE FREE XPOWERS WOOT ! lolz like go pirates onr last time for my ideas for minimonos there could be something on bomfire night called go fire and fire rains down from the screen and turns everyoone blak and a bit grey and there could be a new uniform like a police man with police man and girl hats police girl amdd boy jackets police boy and girl pants and shoes and in winter we could have winter stuff like scarfs hats gloves and there could be coats on MiniMonos and if we could plz shoes? for a boy hair style too ( member) old man hairs xD ~mitchallen

  35. gratz jas!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    woot! ur an awesome monkeey!!!!!!


  36. I was wondering when you would be picked Jas………Great job:) :)Knew you could do it:)

    • PS.Sorry Tommy couldn’t come to your party…..I was in Spain…..I hope everyone had a brilliant time,I know you did……………

  37. Lool aww thank you guys SO much!!! 😀


  38. woooot!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 yaaaaaaay Manx! 😀


  39. Woot, Great Job Manx!!

  40. Well done Manx! Amazing!


  41. well done dynamo!

  42. tommypp can i be a fetured monkey please?

  43. i really want to be a fetured monk

  44. gratz dyno!


  45. Congratulations Dynamo! 😀


  46. Well done! Hmmm rainbow master hey…? See how it is.. 😉 😉 Have a round with me Hehe @ rainbow 😛

  47. Congratz Lukata! 😀


  48. Great job Lukata, Well done man

  49. Congrats Lukata
    Great job
    All of that is true!

  50. Congrats Lukata!

  51. Congrats Trend! 😀


  52. Congrats trendzstar

  53. Great Job Trendzstar….Well Done 😀

  54. Let me guess the next featured monkey………
    It will be…..

  55. Amazing job trendzstar!

  56. Hey Tommy rember me i took a photo at the big party Rember? i was mrmcool then btb33 then they got banned 😦 so i am on club epnguin my name on that is mrbig3 and i might create an account on minimonos again my name might be mrbig3 too 🙂 so bye 🙂

  57. i hope i become a featured monkey

  58. Well Done Cup Great to see you as featured monkey 🙂

  59. i love your website but my monkey is not activating.

  60. LOL, Well done Bt,
    And mega-lol Technobanana nice face

  61. LOL Welldone Bt I think we should be able to apply then they pick up to you guys at MM Time though 🙂

    ~Cola (Sorry for the Cp Avatar)

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