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Write For Us


  • Tommypp will send you lots of xPowers for parties!
  • Get to work with an awesome person!
  • Lots of fun!!
  • Gives you a chance (if you are not already) to become a MaxiMonkey!
  • Get noticed! Monkeys around the MiniMonos Island will start to notice you!
  • Show your talent! If you have never been a blogger before…. this is a good chance to show your talent!

The list goes on and on! This is a great opportunity anyone can take up!!

Good Luck!

7 thoughts on “Write For Us

  1. Whoops I Meant To Put My Website Wehre I Put Yes Im So Dumb!

  2. I want to be a member of staff soooooo Badly!!!

  3. whats a wordpress email?

  4. Hey bt and other people who work for minimonos can you make a bew thing that makes you gold member like when your a green bannana you could turn int a yellow banna then you turn int a mini mod and plz!!! After that we could turn into a gold member.

    From max938

    Great bannas minimonos

  5. I really hope i could write for minimonos if. I could i will definetly not forgot to write. I promise

    From max938. To tommypp

    Fantastico bannanas

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