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Apply to become an App Developer at MiniMonos Time!

Hey Monkeys!

The new author knows who they are, and are currently learning the ways of MiniMonos Time!

We are now looking for a couple of app developers (or just one) who is happy to make a simple application for MiniMonos Time and MiniMonos Spot!

The app (if it goes ahead) will feature all the news of MiniMonos Time and MiniMonos Spot and will include exclusives as well!

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MiniMonos Time’s Monkey Excellence Awards 2013


The MiniMonos Time Monkey Excellence Awards 2013 starts……. NOW!

Vote below for your favourite Monkeys of 2013, and we’ll let you know the results on the 1st of May 2013!

The Monkeys below have showed outstanding qualities on MiniMonos, the Monkeys that are listed below

have been selected by the team at MiniMonos Time as they represent exactly what we were looking for!


If you weren’t selected this time, there is always a next time! Make sure to always show these qualities

on MiniMonos for your chance to be nominated next time!

Vote on,

MiniMonos Time


Animals and You Giveaway Winners Announced!

Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos has announced the winners of the Animals and You Magazine membership contest:

The winners of the MiniMonos giveaway in the recent Animals and You magazine issue have been chosen!

Congratulations to the following Animals and You readers who won MiniMonos Gold Memberships:  Jessicamae G, Lucy J, Sophie K, Summer H, Sophie A, Emma H, Dioane S, Emma P, Miss Akira B, and Milly S.

And big congratulations to Kiera H. She won EPIC goodies from the Organic MiniMonos Store, incluing a MiniMonos t-shirt AND hoodie!

P.S: BrettAxley has opened a new blog, go check it out now: CLICK HERE

Guess what? The new MiniMonos Time Author has been chosen, and entries are now closed! Check back soon to find out if you are the new Author!



Become a MiniMonos Time Author!

NOTE: To be able to become an Author, you MUST have a WordPress Account (

Hey Monkeys!

We are looking for one more author of MiniMonos Time!

This time, we need a Go Banana’s Official Blog author!

What a Go Banana’s Official Blog Author does:

  • You will post the Go Banana’s Official Blog posts
  • You will be able to stay in contact with the MiniMonos Time Team
  • Frequently posts on MiniMonos Time
  • Has good grammar

Apply Here:

-Tommypp and the MiniMonos Time Team


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MiniMonos Time Promoters Announced!

Hey Monkeys!

I am going to announce the MiniMonos Time Promoters!

These Monkeys will tell people about MiniMonos Time on MiniMonos!

The Promoters are not MiniMonos Time Staff, but are top helpers!

The following Monkeys are MiniMonos Time Promoters:

  • Ediesonz3
  • MonkeyTastic26
  • Yousi
  • Turbo95
  • Zoolu9
  • Sandybob

Congratulations so all the MiniMonos Time Promoters!

Unfortunately, I can’t message you all, as I am not your buddies yet on MiniMonos, so I will tell you what you need to do here:

  • Tell Monkeys all about MiniMonos Time
  • Tell them to visit

I hope you have a lot of fun being a promoter of MiniMonos Time!

Keep your eyes out for an Author job coming later today!

-Tommypp and the MiniMonos Time Team

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Apply to be a MiniMonos Time Promoter!


Hey Monkeys!

We have got so much exciting things planned for all the readers of MiniMonos Time (all to be announced soon….)!!

For now though, we are looking for a few monkeys who will dedicate their time to letting people know about!

To release all the EPIC new stuff (Coming soon to MiniMonos Time), we need to get more Monkeys on to MiniMonos Time!

We need you to tell Monkeys on MiniMonos about MiniMonos Time and now is your chance!

Please fill out the form below and if you are accepted you will receive a message on MiniMonos telling you more information:

Good Luck!

-Tommypp and the MiniMonos Time Team



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MiniMonos MonkeyMe now available on the App Store!

iPhone Screenshot 5

Hey Monkeys!

Great news! MiniMonos MonkeyMe is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

iPhone Screenshot 2

Exclusively available on iPhone and iPad, you will get hours of fun crafting funky monkey combos with MiniMonos’ extensive collection of dress-up items. For starters MiniMonos has put in over 30 hats, 85 shirts, 28 different styles of pants, and don’t get me started on the eye wear – how many sunglasses can one monkey own!!

Add character to your MonkeyMe with their facial expressions, hairstyles, as well as a selection of sideburns that would make Elvis jealous. There’s more! MiniMonos has a huge selection of backgrounds and over 75 props, including balloon dogs, pirate flags, and surf boards, so you can make your monkey extra funky!

Ever wondered what a monkey wearing shades, armour, sporting giant sideburns and a pair of angel wings looks like? Well now you can…. and it’s FREE to play!

You can rate the daily MonkeyMe creations, with the top-rated monkey winning a fantastic prize each day. Even if your Monkey doesn’t come out tops, you will still pick up a few monkey coins just for entering. Monkey Coins can be used to buy more crazy stuff for your crazy creations!

PLEASE NOTE! MonkeyMe is completely free, however some items can be purchased using real money. If you don’t want to buy these items then disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Here is what the app features (Let’s sum it all up!!):

  •  It’s FREE TO PLAY!
  •  Create the coolest, craziest monkey avatars on the planet
  •  Mix and match hundreds of outfit combos, exotic settings, and awesome props
  •  Take photos of your Monkeys on different backgrounds
  •  Share your crazy monkey creations with friends
  •  Enter your monkey into the daily competition to win fabulous prizes
  •  Judge other monkey creations – Hero or Zero? To earn Monkey Coins
  •  Use Monkey Coins to get awesome new packs of clothing, props and settings
  •  Save your simian creations to your photo gallery
  •  It’s a cool, fun game for children and adults

Woah! This is SO EPIC! 😀 I love the game! Best MiniMonos Update yet! Please check it out and download it now FREE from the App Store!


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MiniMonos Time BETA VIP’s Announced + New Head-VIP Staff Member!

Hey Monkeys!

I know you are all eager to know who is a BETA VIP this month!

The VIP’s are listed below:




Congratulations to all the BETA VIP’s!

To all those who didn’t make it, don’t worry! More VIP’s will be announced next week!


Dynamo12 is officially our Head-VIP, and was announced at our Easter Party 2013! Congratulations!

This means Dynamo12 is a staff member at MiniMonos Time! 🙂 He won’t write posts, but he will be working with all our VIP’s!

All VIP’s will be sent a message on MiniMonos with the password to access the VIP Only page! VIP.MINIMONOSTIME.COM



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MiniMonos Time VIP’s released!

Hey Monkeys!

As you probably have seen, MiniMonos Time has just launched a whole new program called MiniMonos Time VIP’s!

These are a group of players who love to play MiniMonos, love MiniMonos Time and love the environment!

Why should you be a MiniMonos Time VIP? It’s free!

VIP’s get access to the VIP only page on MiniMonos Time!
VIP’s can win exclusive prizes, only available for VIP’s!
VIP’s get all the behind the scenes action!
VIP’s get to vote for new things on MiniMonos Time!
VIP’s get hints and sneak peeks of new things coming on MiniMonos and MiniMonos Time, first!
VIP’s help keep MiniMonos Time up-to-date and are friendly members of the MiniMonos Community!

Who can be a VIP?

Everyone can apply to be a MiniMonos Time VIP, but only some will be accepted!

This is based on how often you play MiniMonos, if you attend MiniMonos Time’s parties and if you are always commenting on the MiniMonos Time Fan Blog!

If you have made an Eco Project, there is also more chance of becoming a MiniMonos Time VIP!

I hope you all are wanting to become VIP’s! The first VIP’s will be announced soon! 🙂

Get ready for the next era of MiniMonos Time!


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Sneak Peek coming soon from the MiniMonos You Tube!

Hey Monkeys!

I hope you are all excited for the MiniMonos Time Easter Party this weekend on MiniMonos!

For all the details, please feel free to click here!

Manx told the MiniMonos Twitter and Facebook followers today that something very cool is coming to MiniMonos very soon!

She said:

“It’s an awesome place to look for MiniMonos sneak peeks, tips & even SPECIAL CODES…there may be a sneak peek of something EPIC coming VERY SOON ;)”

Woah! That’s so cool! I wonder what it has to do with? Easter? Eco Heroes? Hmm…. take your guess in the comments below! 🙂

Make sure to keep checking the Shout Out Box for more exclusive information about MiniMonos Time’s Easter Party this weekend!!

Have a lovely Easter and I can’t wait to see you all at the party!

  • Don’t forget! …. or you might miss out on the 1 Month Membership code!
  • PLUS: Make sure you check MiniMonos Time’s Promo Codes page for TWO new exclusive codes! 😀