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MiniMonos Farewelled Today! More EPIC news regarding MiniMonos Time!


Hello Monkeys!

I have a mixture of news for you today! Lots of information for you to take in so please have you thinking caps on!

First of all, MiniMonos had a fantastic farewell earlier today, a big successful farewell for MiniMonos!

finalpartyminimonos piepartyminimonos

We even got a visit from the very first EcoMom! (I think it was her!!)

It was very exciting to see her again for the last time!

Second of all, I have a big announcement to make, the following announcement will make you quite exciting and I know what some of your emotions will be like! Please read on:

MiniMonos Time WILL definitely be staying for a long long time! Very exciting news comes from the team at MiniMonos Time today!!

MiniMonos may be gone (hopefully not forever!), but MiniMonos, as you probably know will be working on new apps!

MiniMonos Time will be a network of information for all the news and information you need on all of the new MiniMonos apps!

MiniMonos Time will be having exclusive interviews with the team who create these amazing apps and I promise I will still be the same person!

Over the next month, I need you to understand that little may happen as the MiniMonos Team (the ones who are staying on) will be very busy, I heard they are changing to a smaller office so please let them have time to set up this new office and get organized!

After that, the production for all these awesome new apps will begin! I already know that there is definitely one app in the works currently!

They call it “MonkeyRanger”! MonkeyRanger is being developed by both the MiniMonos Team and Nokia!! Check out the exclusive sneak peek video below:

(Sorry that it is only a link!)

I am super excited for this! 😀 It looks really cool!

I also heard…. BadgerFox is going to create a new project!! Although I am not entirely sure if this is true, he said he would maybe see us in his next project (Which makes me think it’s a Virtual World because he said “See us”!)

I am really happy with what I am doing! Tinkatolli Temple by Tommypp and BrettAxley will still be available, too! 🙂

-Tommypp and the MiniMonos Time Team

Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

3 thoughts on “MiniMonos Farewelled Today! More EPIC news regarding MiniMonos Time!

  1. Thanks for the pictures. It was one crazy party! I think my browser flash crashed 3 or 4 times but I kept logging back on. LOL

    I did take a few pictures you can see them here:

    The apps will never be the same as the virtual world. Its a shame they could not keep it going. I will miss swimming with the turtles, all the great games, and of course all the great monkeys I met through the years.

  2. EXCELLENT!!!! Thank you tommypp

  3. Wish I could have made it to say farewell it would have been great sayin bye cause I was one of the 1st few monkeys 🙂

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