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Are you a new Monkey to MiniMonos? Do you need help? Here is the right place for all the things you need to do, to survive the first day!

  • Arrive at the Info Center (There should be MaxiMonkey’s there to greet you)

  • Stroll along to Castle Beach (There will be lots of monkeys there you can talk to)

  • If you see a Monkey with a star, this means they are a Mini Mod and can help you learn more about MiniMonos.

  • If they have a T-Shirt with an “I” on it, this means they are a MaxiMonkey and can help you out with almost anything!

That’s it! You should be all set to survive your first day on MiniMonos! Woohoo!

How to get Shells?

  • Become a member and access the Golden Temple and play the Ancient Recycling Game to earn Shells!

  • Purchase Shells through your Journal

  • Sometimes Ambassadors and Party Masters will come online and play games! If you win a prize, it might be shells! Sometimes ambassadors attend players parties too 🙂 As you can see below!


How to use MiniMonos Messages?

4 thoughts on “Guides

  1. I need help …

    Who is tommypp

    hehe lol

  2. i think u kno jess 😉

  3. Brilliant guides:-)

  4. “To SURVIVE the first day”? It’s not military camp

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