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New Author!

Hey there monkeys.

My name is Chaungito, & I am the new author on MiniMonos Time! I am super excited to be working with Tomyypp & Technobanana. As a little introduction, I have re-designed MiniMonos Time totally! Let me know if you like it.

Well, I hope we get to know each other better! 🙂
Thanks Tommypp & all fellow monkeys.


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See you for now….

Hey as you know I am going to America on 10 march this will be my final post until I get to America when I get there I will do my best to post June July and August I think I cant post but like I said I will do my best I am planning to create blog so I can show my real life experience that will include my real name where I born etc but I am still not sure if I should maybe if you can comment before 10 march 2011 I can decide for now enjoy minimons hope to see you soon I got new penguin called sonicwizard if you see it add it nzboy2009 is still available and I am not quiting club penguin tommypp please dont remove me from website because I am not leaving forever

See you for now…….




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Looking for …….

Hey we are currently looking for very good person to take naco45 place there will be lot of people wanting to become team tommy administrator and we only need one so we decide it to make form answers these questions and you may be lucky NOTE YOU MUST USE WORDPRESS EMAIL ADDRESS

We need best penguins so please answer these questions carefully

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Team Tommy

Posted by nzboy2009


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Hey everyone I am going away in 15 days to America I made an Army called “black ops”Please join my Click here to visit my army website we are working on website so I you want to help please reply in comments giving me your penguin name and wordpress email address the reason I need wordpress is so I can add you to my website to help me also when you join make sure to put your wordpress email.

Our tracker doesn’t work good now but I am fixing it and putting it in normal tracker also we have sad story Naco45 leaving so we do need author we had about 5 wanted to be but you have to put your wordpress email address so we can add you.

This is all updates keep checking this website for latest cadence updates

Waddle on!