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New Author!

Hey there monkeys.

My name is Chaungito, & I am the new author on MiniMonos Time! I am super excited to be working with Tomyypp & Technobanana. As a little introduction, I have re-designed MiniMonos Time totally! Let me know if you like it.

Well, I hope we get to know each other better! 🙂
Thanks Tommypp & all fellow monkeys.


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MiniMonos Interview – LebronJr23!

LebronJr23Profile How does it feel to be famous?  LOL! JK!  Well ok, you can answer it if you want 😀

I’ll answer this for kicks XD! Being famous online is cool because you can spread news so fast and reach a large audience in ways you could never do out of cyber space. In reality though, I am just a normal kid that loves to play online and help the environment!

How did you first hear about MiniMonos?

I heard many monkeys talking about MiniMonos when it was pretty much brand new. I’m happy to say that when I first tried out MiniMonos, after hearing all the great things, I was NOT disappointed!

Who do you like hanging out with on MiniMonos?

The monkey I love hanging out with (and I think many monkeys would agree) is Bananatastic! BT is so clever and comes up with new games, stories and new things for monkeys to do almost every time I see him. When BT is online, I know it is going to be a party! He is a true Party Master!

What is your favorite item on the new bug updates?

I definitely like the bug suits the best! I am going to get a blue soon for sure!

If you were stranded on MiniMonos Island forever, what game would you play the most?

If I was stranded on MiniMonos Island forever, I would play Monkey Fist all day! It is interactive and something I could do with others. It would also give me lots of time to work up my armbands! Haha.


What would you want to see the most in an upcoming MiniMonos update?

Well, seeing as though I am a huge basketball fan, I would love to see more sports-related items and things to buy around the island! I think that would be really neat. I would love for my monkey to hold a basketball or something!

Cool! -¬Tommypp¬

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MiniMonos – Newest Fan Art Friday!

Hello Monkeys!

Check out this week’s Fan Art Friday video:

Woot! Can’t wait for the Pirates vs. Ninjas Party! Have you gotten a pirate or a ninja suit yet? They’re on sale this weekend!Leave us a comment and let us know which team you’re going to be on for the party! @(^_^)@

Thanks to everymonkey who sent in pictures for Fan Art Friday! If you have any you’d like to see in next weeks fan art friday! 😀

~Tommypp~ MiniMonos Time Owner!