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MiniMonos Time’s Inventor Concept Art + Secret Project Sneak Peek!

Hey Inventors!

Tommypp here!

How are you all? Hopefully you’re all having a lovely weekend! 🙂

This weekend, I put together a piece of art which I called “Tommypp meets the Inventor!“.

Tommypp meets the Inventor!

Tommypp meets the Inventor!

I hope you like it! 🙂 Also, coming within the next week, is something very exciting, something so epic, not only for the staff at MiniMonos Time, but for EVERYONE! 😀

There are 2 parts of this “Secret Project”, here is a sneak peek of Part 1:

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

OMG! SO EXCITING! 😀 Shush! Don’t tell anyone! I can’t wait until it releases!! It’s SO EPIC! xD

Happy Guessing Monkeys,


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Build a Robot & Win a MiniMonos Inventor T-Shirt!

Hey Monkeys!

Just recently MiniMonos posted a new contest for us! Once again our prize is going to be a real-life prize! Here’s the post that Go Bananas Blog made:

Have you seen the news about the first MiniMonos Eco HeroInventor image being revealed?  Want to find out how you can WIN a RARE MiniMonos Inventor T-Shirt?  Keep reading!


Grab recyclable items from around the island, or by playing games on MiniMonos, and get ready to build an EPIC robot in the Lab to be in the draw to win a RARE MiniMonos Inventor T-Shirt in real life!

Here’s how to enter:

BottyBuild a Robot at Einstiens Lab and take a picture with it!

BottyUse the ‘Share’ button on the picture to send your picture to – include your monkeyname!

BottySend an email to, and tell us what problem your robot would solve for you in real life!  Be sure to include your monkeyname in this email!

Start building your robot now… and send your robot picture & story in to us by March 13th to go into the draw to win! One very LUCKY winner will be announced on March 14th!

Note: If you want to just send in one email with your story and picture attached, that’s fine too!

Good luck, monkeys!

I wish every monkey good luck and get building your robot!


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MiniMonos Inventor Image Revealed!

Hey Monkeys!

We recently got pieces to a picture and so did other bloggers. MiniMonos finally posted what the image is! Check it out:

Hi monkeys,

Last week, five of our AWESOME fan blogs received puzzle pieces containing parts of something BIG coming to MiniMonos.

Thanks to their epic teamwork, this image was revealed!SomethingTogether

He looks like an INVENTOR to us – we saw some monkeys saying he looked like a climber or a scientist!

What do you think this has to do with MiniMonos?  What do you think this Inventor is like?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Big thanks to MiniMonos PlanetMiniMonos Time,  MiniMonos BlastMiniMonos Info, and MiniMonos Cheats for solving this puzzle!

Since we put the pieces together, they showed everybody what it looks like! This picture is really interesting. It could be an upcoming party or a new monkey is coming to MiniMonos island! Leave a comment down below on what you think this picture is all about.


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MiniMonos Scarab Glitch

Hey Monkeys!

I found a glitch and I think some people may have found it as well. While I was remaking my tree house, I added the scarab beetle and then decided to put something else. However while I was putting something else on…the scarab was still there! Take a look:

Sacrab Glitch

As you can see the scarab is still there. This isn’t suppose to happen. When you leave and comeback it’s gone. This isn’t a huge glitch, but it is one.

Have you found any other glitches? If you have seen a glitch, please tell me about.



EXCLUSIVE: MiniMonos Time’s piece of the puzzle!

Hey Monkeys!

All MiniMonos Fan Blog owners have been sent a piece of a puzzle!

It is our job to put all the puzzle pieces together to find out what is coming soon on MiniMonos!



That looks so epic!!!!! 😀 When the bloggers can put together all the clues, I will post it! 🙂

Happy Guessing Monkeys,


P.S: My guess is that it might have something to do with this whole Eco Warriors thing! 🙂

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BONUS BAM! T-shirt!

Hey Monkeys!

It’s been another week so MiniMonos has new bonus for us! This is a really cool bonus because it was something that was hard to get. So MiniMonos put for a bonus!


Did you miss your chance to win a BAM! T-shirt at the Bonus Bash? NOW is your chance to grab yours!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BAM! shirt on MiniMonos!

Offer ends midday Monday March 4th, Monkey Time (GMT).

If you really wanted this and could never get it, well now is your chance! Do you like this bonus? Do you already have it? Leave a comment down below!



MiniMonos Updates 2/28/13

Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos recently just updated. However this is not a huge update. Basically what they did is took off the Year of the Snake stuff. So now MiniMonos is pretty much now normal for right now. Here are a few updates I found:

Here is the new login screen.

Play Games


There is a new catalog. It’s not new, but it’s a catalog that’s been used before. So if you missed any items, it’s your chance to buy them.

MM Clothes Catalog


That is about the updates I found. Like I said before, MiniMonos is pretty much regular for now and there’s no decorations.

If I did miss anything, please tell me in the comments. Have a good day monkeys!



EXCLUSIVE: MiniMonos New Art Revealed!

Hey Monkeys!

We have a world exclusive today!

On the MiniMonos Facebook page, a post which read:

Who are those monkeys behind Alpha on the screen? Reveal of new MiniMonos art BBC Worldwide Labs Showcase in Liverpool today.
That photo is EXCLUSIVE! I can see Eco Heroes in the background! 😀
I’m SO excited for this! 🙂 Let me know if you’re just as excited as I am! xD
2013 is the Year of MiniMonos and also the Year of the Snake, make sure you check out the last days of the celebration on today!


Something big is coming to MiniMonos Time….. get ready!

Hey Monkeys!

Get ready! Something VERY VERY big and exciting is coming to MiniMonos Time!

Something that’s going to shock all MiniMonos players!

Let me give you a clue, it’s not coming to MiniMonos Time, but it will be announced on MiniMonos Time…… hmm…. what could it be?!?!

Another clue is: Technobanana doesn’t know what it is!!

Here’s one final clue: It’s something Tommypp does….. and I’ve already started!

I can’t WAIT!!!!!


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Marco’s mug-shot Monday: Memories we’ll never forget!

Hey Monkeys!

It’s Monday, so Go Bananas Blog has posted a new Mug Shot Monday post! Here it is:

We made so many memories with our buddies on MiniMonos last week. Check out these pictures:

BOO! Did the ghost monkeys at Awanga Cave scare you?




MaxiMonkey applications are open for the March MaxiMonkey team! Did you apply?


Crystal Cave is one of our favorite rooms to party in, but watch out for the PIE MONSTER!


Check out ColaX’s beautiful Plum Blossom plants from Traderz!


Thanks for a great week, monkeys! We can’t wait to see what outfits you guys create for Wacky Wednesday!

All of these are great pictures and I can’t wait for next week. Are you on any of these pictures? Leave a comment if you are!