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Be a Merry Monkey: Share the Festive Fun!

Hey Monkeys!

Go Bananas Blog have posted a post about reminding you about sends greetings and giving likes! Here’s the post:

Be a merry monkey:  Send Holiday Cards to your friends & family!  Visit Castle Beach & send a Holiday Card now.

Give Your buddies a decoration for their tree when you ‘Like’ their treehouse.

Visit every day to get more Likes for your buddies!  You can give 3 Likes EVERY day– GOLD monkeys have 10 Likes to give away!


AND The 12 Days of Gifts is still on!Get the NEW holiday gift code being released each day.

Redeem them all before they expire on New Year’s Day & tell your friends so they don’t miss out!

What’s the best gift you have received for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

The codes that MiniMonos give will will expire on New Year’s. If you have missed any codes please go check our page that shows old codes you may have missed!


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MiniMonos Holiday Story Competition!

Hey monkeys!

There has been a new contest lately and it’s pretty simple. Here’s the post Go Bananas Blog made:

NBJkvOoKZAP4Ea92l46SDq7ea4XghmBINiDPlxp4yrwHi Monkeys,

The holiday season is here and we want to know how you celebrate!

We want to hear your holiday story! You can write about what you do to celebrate the holidays, how you would like to celebrate, or imagine the perfect holiday and tell us about it!

Here is how it works:

  • Write a story about your holiday
  • Leave a comment on this blog post with your story
  • All stories must be submitted before December 30th
  • The best story will be featured on the blog and the monkey who wrote the story will win 50 shells!

So what are you waiting for? Stretch your fingers and get ready to type-up your epic holiday story!

So far there has been a lot of entries and they are pretty good! Make sure to submit your entries before Dec. 30th.



Let’s celebrate the Holidays!

Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos are having gonna have partied for the holidays! Here’s a post that The Go Bananas Blog made:


Happy Holidays from the MiniMonos team! Make sure to check the News stand at Castle Beach, Times Square, or the Info Center for heaps of holiday pop-up parties!

In adittion to the holiday pop-up parties, MiniMonos staff members will also be making special apperances to give away prizes and play games! Here are the times you do not want to miss:

GoHollyIconDecember 24th, Bimini Rocks, 5 PM MiniMonos Island Time

GoHollyIconDecember 26th, The Whirlpool, 2 PM MiniMonos Island Time

GoHollyIconDecember 31st, Times Square, 11:50 PM MiniMonos Island Time

Visit Times Square to see what current time is on MiniMonos island (Tip: MiniMonos Island Time matches GMT). See you at the parties, monkeys!

Be sure to be there! Hopefully I will be able to make it to one of them. Be sure to check back to see when the parties are at!


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A COOL ‘I am Snowman’ BONUS!

Hey Monkeys!

This weekend MiniMonos has released a new bonus for us. This bonus is really cool and is jolly (the snowman).Anyway here is the post Go Bananas Blog did:

SNOW off this COOL ‘I am Snowman’ xPower this weekend!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a 25 BONUS ‘I am Snowman’ xpowers!

Offer ends midday, Monday December 24th, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This ends on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) So you better buy something like shells or membership! What do you think of bonus? Leave a comment below! I read all of your comments 😀


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Grab your Fan Blogger Top Cap today!

Hey Monkeys! There has been an awesome small update to MiniMonos! They have a released a RARE top cap! The Go Bananas Blog has posted about how to get it.

We love seeing all the MiniMonos fan websites being built! Today we’re excited to announce that we have a SUPER RARE Top Cap for all of our fan bloggers!


Here’s what you need to do to go onto the Blogroll of Honor & Awesomeness:

1. Put the official MiniMonos widget on the sidebar of your blog.

2. Let us know about your blog once our widget is added and email us at  Make sure you include your blog URL.

Once your blog is added to our blogroll we will add a Top Cap to your monkeys’ account!

Happy blogging!

PS: If your blog is already on the Blogroll of Honor & Awesomeness, please email Manx ( with your blog’s name and your monkeyname to claim your new top cap!

This is really awesome. Sadly, monkeys who don’t have blogs can get this. I work for MM time so I get to get one. I really think this awesome because people will know that you have a blog. Even thought many monkeys won’t get it, but at least they show how it looks like 🙂

What do think about the new top cap? Leave a comment down below!


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Send Holiday Greetings!

Hey Monkeys!

Recently there has been an update on MiniMonos. This update has you send Holiday Greetings to your friends!

Send Holiday Greetings!


When you click on that sign, you will get a card and you will be able to make a card.

Send Holiday Greetings! (2)


Be sure to send cards to friends and make them have a Happy Holiday! You can also send them a card so they can join MiniMonos!

I hope you guys have Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, or Hanukkah…whatever you celebrate 🙂


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MiniMonos Holiday Art Contest Wrapping Up!

Hey Monkeys!

The Holiday Art Contest is coming to an end! Be sure to submit your entries before it’s over! Here’s a post that Go Bananas Blog did:

The MiniMonos Holiday Art Contest is coming to an end! We’re still on the hunt for the most bananaful holiday art created by YOU to display in Mutt’s Gallery.

Click here to learn more about the the Holiday Art Contest, which wraps up on December 18th!

Good luck monkeys!

There is only 3 days left on the contest. You could be the winner! If you want you can do just for fun. Also if you win, your art gets to be hung up at Mutt’s Gallery!

See you soon monkeys!


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MiniMonos Happy Holidays! -Technobanana

Hey Monkeys!

You may have heard the updates from Tommypp already! I couldn’t do it because my internet wasn’t working, but I’m back!

Anyway I looked at all the updates and they are all really awesome! My tree doesn’t have that many likes, but it will have a lot eventually.

I’m posting this because I want you monkeys to have a Happy Hoilday! I will be going to some tree houses and liking them 🙂

Happy Holidays!


What do you monkeys think of my tree house? What do you think of the awesome updates? Leave a comment down below!

Also if you have a tree house you want me to look at you can tell me as well!



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Say hello to December MaxiMonkeys!

Hey Monkeys!

It’s December and Maximonkeys have been announced! Here’s the post Go Bananas Blog made:

Today we’re excited to announce the Demember MaxiMonkey team!

The following monkeys have made the MaxiMonkey team for December because they are super-active on MiniMonos, are really positive, helpful and always making friends with new monkeys!

Congratulations to all returning and new MaxiMonkeys!

Please be patient while we load up all of your accounts with xPowers, Shells, and MaxiMonkey t-shirts… it’s going to take us a couple days! 🙂

If you didn’t make the MaxiMonkey team this month, don’t worry! Keep being active and helpful on MiniMonos and keep applying!Learn more about the MaxiMonkeyprogram here.

If you didn’t make it, That’s ok! You can apply again next month! It’s gonna be a new year next month…

Leave a comment if your on here! If your not, tell us if you are going to try again or not.

Let’s keep bringing MaxiMonkeys to the MAX!






Ninja Showdown Sneak Peek!

Hey Monkeys!

I recently got a sneak peak from Manx! Here are the two pictures she showed me:



I kinda don’t know what it means, but maybe it can be an update with our teams. Not sure. Manx gave me a hint to the sneak peek and it was interesting. Here’s the hint she gave me on the email: A very wise ninja once told us that teamwork and patience are always needed to uncover great wonders.

Hmmm…what could that mean? Maybe it’s about the opening that is blocked! Or maybe it’s about the never-before seen items that we can get if we get tokens for our team.

What do you monkeys think? What do you think this sneak peek is all about? Leave a comment telling us what you think!

Also Thank you Manx for giving me the sneak peek! I really appreciate it 🙂