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BONUS Paper Lanterns!

Hey Monkeys!

It’s been a while, but we are back! Anyway Go Bananas Blog posted a bonus for us! Check it out:


Make your treehouse light up this weekend with BONUS Paper Lanterns!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get BONUS Paper Lanterns for your treehouse!

Offer ends midday Monday February 25th, Monkey Time (GMT).

This is a really great offer. If you weren’t able to buy this then now’s your chance! What do you guys think the next bonus is going to be?

Leave a comment down below, I read them all 🙂


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Say hello to February MaxiMonkeys!

Hey monkeys!

It’s February, so MiniMonos have released this month’s MaxiMonkeys. Here’s the the post they did on Go Bananas Blog:

Today we’re excited to announce the February 2013 MaxiMonkey team!


The following monkeys have made the MaxiMonkey team because they are super-active on MiniMonos, are really positive, helpful and always making friends with new monkeys!

Congratulations to all returning and new MaxiMonkeys!


Please be patient while we load up all of your accounts with xPowers, Shells, and MaxiMonkey t-shirts… it’s going to take us a couple days! 🙂

If you didn’t make the MaxiMonkey team this month, don’t worry! Keep being active and helpful on MiniMonos and keep applying! Learn more about the MaxiMonkey program here.

Let’s continue bringing MiniMonos to the MAX!

If you didn’t make it, not to worry! You can apply again at the end of February. Another thing you can do is help monkeys even though you’re not a MaxiMonkey.

If you do that, there’s a better chance of you being in the team.

Congratulations to all monkeys who made it!

Let’s keep bringing MaxiMonkeys to the MAX!



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Become a super Scarab Seeker & be in to WIN in a REAL T-shirt!

Hey monkeys!

Recently MiniMonos posted a contest on the Go Bananas Blog! This contest is really awesome contest. Here’s the post:

We have some exciting news for all the Scarab Seekers on MiniMonos:  The Golden Scarab has finally been spotted!

MiniMonos Golden Scarab T-shirtAs you may know, he is VERY elusive and tricky to find, so if you find him even once, that’s awesome.

But if you can find him SIX times, that makes you a super Scarab Seeker, and you can go in the draw to win a RARE Golden Scarab T-shirt in REAL LIFE!

Here’s how to be in to win:

ScarabBullet Find the real Golden Scarab in six different rooms on MiniMonos!

ScarabBullet Take a picture of your monkey with him, using the camera function on MiniMonos.  Make sure you’re not taking a super close-up picture – we want to see your monkey with the scarab!

ScarabBullet Send it to us at – put your monkeyname in the form, so we know it’s your picture!

Everymonkey that sends us all of their pictures will go in the draw to win a Golden Scarab T-shirt, and then we’ll randomly pick lucky Scarab Seekers to receive a T-shirt!

Some handy tips for finding the Golden Scarab:

ScarabBullet The Golden Scarab is sneaky!  Sometimes he’ll be in a room, sometimes he won’t!

ScarabBullet Keep searching- he could appear in a room you just searched!

ScarabBullet The Golden Scarab doesn’t move very fast- he’ll probably change rooms every 6 hours or so.

Good luck on your hunt for the Golden Scarab, monkeys! @(^_^)@

Wow! This is really awesome! If you win, you get a real-life T-shirt. Yeah, this is pretty amazing. This contest is also really hard.

Good luck to all monkeys!



Egypt Adventure 2013

Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos has updated once again! They some really cool updates and i’m here to show them to you! Let’s get started:

New Login

I’ve been having some problems with scratching the whole thing, so you got to find out what the whole thing looks like.

Anyway let’s get to the Updates on the island. The only place that has been updated is Hana Cove:

Hana Cove Updates

It’s really cool looking! There’s new xPowers and 1 new costume!

xPowers and Costume

You cant really call it “new” but different. Also you have a new action if you put this costume on!

New Move

You can press “A” or go to the action buttons and choose it from there. Sadly,the action is fast so I couldn’t take a picture of it.

You may have noticed the temple that’s in Hana Cove. If you go inside you will see the following:

The temple

A really awesome temple and you if you click on the tomb, you will get a mummy costume.

Go and search for scarabs and have fun!

I really do like these updates! Thanks MiniMonos for making an awesome update.

Also if I missed anything, please tell me in the comments. I really do appreciate the help I get from you monkeys 🙂



Funny Ancient Jokes!

Hey Monkeys!

Just recently MiniMonos posted another post on the Go Bananas Blog.  It’s sorta a contest, but it’s not a huge contest. Here’s the post:

Do you have an ancient joke that will make us laugh so hard that our headresseses will fall off?

We want to hear your funny ancient jokes! Your jokes can be related to Egypt Adventure, ancient things or just be a classic old school knock-knock joke! Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post your original ancient ‘old school’ joke!

2. Leave your monkey name in the comments and we’ll send you 25 ‘Go Groucho’ xPowers if your joke makes us laugh our tails off!

Ready? Set? Joke on!

This is really cool! Make sure to comment on the post at the Go Bananas Blog. by winning you get 25 Go Groucho xPowers.

Good luck!



Egypt Adventure Updates

UPDATE FROM TOMMYPP: The Hunt for the Golden Scarab begins soon! Stay tuned! (From Manx)

Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos has updates today and there is a lot of changes. The HUB is even changed. Anyway let’s get started.

New Login

Here is the login screen. Sorry for not filling it in, it was a little laggy, so I couldn’t finish it.

Like I said the HUB has been changed and it’s a pretty cool change.

Layout Differ

So everything is on the bottom now and they have a little more detail now. Like when you get a message, you can kinda see the difference.

MiniMonos changed the appearance of getting an item from the ground:

Different Icon

Just a little bit,but still a nice change.

There is also a new catalog and they have Egyptian things.


Let’s not forget about the new xPowers on the island!

New XPowers

So what do you monkeys think of the updates? I think they are pretty cool! My favorite update has to be the HUB being changed. Which was your favorite?

Leave a comment down below!


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MiniMonos 2013 Updates

Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos updated yesterday and i’m here to post about the updates that are on the island! Let’s get started:


Here is the login where you are going to login into MiniMonos.

Now the login says you can now like a treehouse! Here is an example of me liking Manx’s Treehouse!

Like TreeHouses


On the left there is an icon where it says like. Click on it and you have liked a treehouse! Also Monkey Thumbs come from the sky when you like a treehouse 🙂

MiniMonos did a really cool thing where they got the best things from 2012 and they are available now!

Here are the best xPowers for 2012:

Best Of 2012 (xpowers)


And here is the best clothes of 2012:

The Best Of 2012 (catalog)



I really do like this idea! For some monkeys that haven’t gotten these items, they can get them now!

So what do you monkeys think of the new updates for 2013? Leave a comment below on what you think!



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MiniMonos Costume Design Contest!

Hey Monkeys!

Recently Go Bananas Blog released a new contest. This contest is really awesome and creative. Here is the post that was made by Go Bananas Blog:

Have you ever wanted to tell The MiniMonos Team about what kind of costumes or suits you’d like to see on MiniMonos?


If you have, we’ve got an EPIC contest for you to enter- brought to you in part by The MiniMonos Team and a MiniMonos player, Kinggo3!  We want to know what YOU would design if you could pick any costume or suit for your monkey to wear!

To enter this contest, you need to:

  1. Draw or paint a picture of your costume!  You can draw your picture on your computer or on paper and take a picture of it.
  2. Send your picture to– be sure to include your monkeyname and tell us about your costume.

Kinggo3 has generously donated half of the prizes for the winning designs- thank you, Kinggo3!  If your design picture is one of the top three, you will win one of these prize packs:

  • First place: 1-Month MiniMonos Gold Membership
  • Second place: 25 Shells and 2,500 Banana Chips
  • Third place:  25 each of I am Green Firework, I am Red Firework & I am Blue Firework xPowers

Even if you don’t win this contest, you will earn the special Fan Art Top Cap- pretty awesome if you ask us!

All entries must be sent to us by January 15th.  What are you waiting for?  Start designing your costume today!

This is really awesome! They did this same sort of thing except it was to make a soccer jersey. This time you have to make a costume! This is your chance to show how good of an artist you are. Good luck to all contestants!


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The MOST Liked treehouses on MiniMonos!

Hey Monkeys!

You may have heard about the contest that MiniMonos was having. The contest was to see who the most liked tree. The results are in and Go Bananas Blog posted the winners:


The results are in- after challenging you monkeys to earn the most Likes at your treehouses, we can now announce the 25 monkeys who had the top 25 most Liked treehouses during the 2012 Holidays on MiniMonos!

These monkeys have won a new super rare Top Cap for having a treehouse in the top 25- epic efforts, monkeys!

Here they are:


Way to go to all the monkeys in the Top 25- it was a super close race overall!

We can’t wait to see what epic treehouse decorating everymonkey does during the rest of 2013

Congratulations to the monkeys who got the top cap! These monkeys deserve it, they worked hard to get their treehouse good or didn’t try at all. They just got lucky I guess 🙂

If you weren’t the  top 25, maybe MiniMonos will make another most liked contest. Who Knows?



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Happy New Year! (Technobanana)

Hey Monkeys!

I missed you guys! Did you miss me? I was gone for awhile for…reasons. Ok, My internet wasn’t working. Anyway I wanted to wish a Happy New Year to you guys, but i kinda didn’t get a chance to do it. That’s why I’m making this post, I still work and i’m not gone 🙂

I really do want to thank Tommypp for making me have a really fun 2012 and those monkeys who supported me. There is that one monkey, Warturtle. He’s the one who showed around MiniMonos and helped me. That’s about all I have to say. I hope you liked 2012. If you didn’t, make this year be better 😀

See you soon monkeys and Happy New Year!