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Hey Monkeys!

Thanks so much for all your feedback! 🙂

As you know, on Sunday 31st March 2013 at 9:00PM in UK, there will be a HUGE Easter Party! (Monday 1st April 2013 at 9:00AM in New Zealand, Monday 1st April 2013 at 7:00AM in Australia)

If you can’t attend as it might be too late, you’re out at a restaurant, at your Auntie’s house or it might even be too early in some cases!!

We have a very special announcement for you!

MiniMonos Time is holding a Pre-Party at 8:30PM Sunday 31st March UK Time for UK Monkeys (Monday 1st April 2013 at 8:30AM in New Zealand, Monday 1st April 2013 at 6:30AM in Australia)

The Pre-Party may not be as big as the actual Party, and there will be a 20 minute gap in between the parties, it will give you a taste of the party and we will still have so much fun! Make sure to tell your friends! 🙂

The Pre-Party is at:

Tommypp’s Treehouse on Star Tiger

I hope to see some of you there! 🙂



Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

7 thoughts on “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Easter Party Pre-Party!

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  3. Where the actual party?

  4. cooooooooooool!

  5. im from New Zealand and I am looking forward to the party! 🙂

  6. Hey great party guys!!! Thanks Tommy and Techno for having it. 🙂

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