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BONUS Green Butterfly Suit!

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Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos has given us a new bonus! This is probably the best costume ever! Let’s check out the post:


Get ready to suit up in this AWESOME Green Butterfly Suit this weekend!

You’re going to make your buddies fly away with excitment as your new costume quickly becomes the latest buzz!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BONUS Green Butterfly Suit on MiniMonos!

Offer ends midday Monday March 18th, Monkey Time (GMT).

Best costume right? Bananatastic is wondering around with this, so it’s gotta be cool right! Anyway do you like this bonus? Leave a comment down below!


One thought on “BONUS Green Butterfly Suit!

  1. I can not get it because my daddy did not let me.

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