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MiniMonos Inventor Image Revealed!

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Hey Monkeys!

We recently got pieces to a picture and so did other bloggers. MiniMonos finally posted what the image is! Check it out:

Hi monkeys,

Last week, five of our AWESOME fan blogs received puzzle pieces containing parts of something BIG coming to MiniMonos.

Thanks to their epic teamwork, this image was revealed!SomethingTogether

He looks like an INVENTOR to us – we saw some monkeys saying he looked like a climber or a scientist!

What do you think this has to do with MiniMonos?  What do you think this Inventor is like?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Big thanks to MiniMonos PlanetMiniMonos Time,  MiniMonos BlastMiniMonos Info, and MiniMonos Cheats for solving this puzzle!

Since we put the pieces together, they showed everybody what it looks like! This picture is really interesting. It could be an upcoming party or a new monkey is coming to MiniMonos island! Leave a comment down below on what you think this picture is all about.


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