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BONUS BAM! T-shirt!

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Hey Monkeys!

It’s been another week so MiniMonos has new bonus for us! This is a really cool bonus because it was something that was hard to get. So MiniMonos put for a bonus!


Did you miss your chance to win a BAM! T-shirt at the Bonus Bash? NOW is your chance to grab yours!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BAM! shirt on MiniMonos!

Offer ends midday Monday March 4th, Monkey Time (GMT).

If you really wanted this and could never get it, well now is your chance! Do you like this bonus? Do you already have it? Leave a comment down below!


One thought on “BONUS BAM! T-shirt!

  1. Waaaa I did not get that

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