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Say hello to February MaxiMonkeys!

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Hey monkeys!

It’s February, so MiniMonos have released this month’s MaxiMonkeys. Here’s the the post they did on Go Bananas Blog:

Today we’re excited to announce the February 2013 MaxiMonkey team!


The following monkeys have made the MaxiMonkey team because they are super-active on MiniMonos, are really positive, helpful and always making friends with new monkeys!

Congratulations to all returning and new MaxiMonkeys!


Please be patient while we load up all of your accounts with xPowers, Shells, and MaxiMonkey t-shirts… it’s going to take us a couple days! 🙂

If you didn’t make the MaxiMonkey team this month, don’t worry! Keep being active and helpful on MiniMonos and keep applying! Learn more about the MaxiMonkey program here.

Let’s continue bringing MiniMonos to the MAX!

If you didn’t make it, not to worry! You can apply again at the end of February. Another thing you can do is help monkeys even though you’re not a MaxiMonkey.

If you do that, there’s a better chance of you being in the team.

Congratulations to all monkeys who made it!

Let’s keep bringing MaxiMonkeys to the MAX!



One thought on “Say hello to February MaxiMonkeys!

  1. Maxi monkeys are awesome!

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