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Become a super Scarab Seeker & be in to WIN in a REAL T-shirt!

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Hey monkeys!

Recently MiniMonos posted a contest on the Go Bananas Blog! This contest is really awesome contest. Here’s the post:

We have some exciting news for all the Scarab Seekers on MiniMonos:  The Golden Scarab has finally been spotted!

MiniMonos Golden Scarab T-shirtAs you may know, he is VERY elusive and tricky to find, so if you find him even once, that’s awesome.

But if you can find him SIX times, that makes you a super Scarab Seeker, and you can go in the draw to win a RARE Golden Scarab T-shirt in REAL LIFE!

Here’s how to be in to win:

ScarabBullet Find the real Golden Scarab in six different rooms on MiniMonos!

ScarabBullet Take a picture of your monkey with him, using the camera function on MiniMonos.  Make sure you’re not taking a super close-up picture – we want to see your monkey with the scarab!

ScarabBullet Send it to us at – put your monkeyname in the form, so we know it’s your picture!

Everymonkey that sends us all of their pictures will go in the draw to win a Golden Scarab T-shirt, and then we’ll randomly pick lucky Scarab Seekers to receive a T-shirt!

Some handy tips for finding the Golden Scarab:

ScarabBullet The Golden Scarab is sneaky!  Sometimes he’ll be in a room, sometimes he won’t!

ScarabBullet Keep searching- he could appear in a room you just searched!

ScarabBullet The Golden Scarab doesn’t move very fast- he’ll probably change rooms every 6 hours or so.

Good luck on your hunt for the Golden Scarab, monkeys! @(^_^)@

Wow! This is really awesome! If you win, you get a real-life T-shirt. Yeah, this is pretty amazing. This contest is also really hard.

Good luck to all monkeys!


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