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Egypt Adventure 2013


Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos has updated once again! They some really cool updates and i’m here to show them to you! Let’s get started:

New Login

I’ve been having some problems with scratching the whole thing, so you got to find out what the whole thing looks like.

Anyway let’s get to the Updates on the island. The only place that has been updated is Hana Cove:

Hana Cove Updates

It’s really cool looking! There’s new xPowers and 1 new costume!

xPowers and Costume

You cant really call it “new” but different. Also you have a new action if you put this costume on!

New Move

You can press “A” or go to the action buttons and choose it from there. Sadly,the action is fast so I couldn’t take a picture of it.

You may have noticed the temple that’s in Hana Cove. If you go inside you will see the following:

The temple

A really awesome temple and you if you click on the tomb, you will get a mummy costume.

Go and search for scarabs and have fun!

I really do like these updates! Thanks MiniMonos for making an awesome update.

Also if I missed anything, please tell me in the comments. I really do appreciate the help I get from you monkeys 🙂


2 thoughts on “Egypt Adventure 2013

  1. Could you guys come to my Birthday Party that ColaX is planning for me please?

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