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Egypt Adventure Updates


UPDATE FROM TOMMYPP: The Hunt for the Golden Scarab begins soon! Stay tuned! (From Manx)

Hey Monkeys!

MiniMonos has updates today and there is a lot of changes. The HUB is even changed. Anyway let’s get started.

New Login

Here is the login screen. Sorry for not filling it in, it was a little laggy, so I couldn’t finish it.

Like I said the HUB has been changed and it’s a pretty cool change.

Layout Differ

So everything is on the bottom now and they have a little more detail now. Like when you get a message, you can kinda see the difference.

MiniMonos changed the appearance of getting an item from the ground:

Different Icon

Just a little bit,but still a nice change.

There is also a new catalog and they have Egyptian things.


Let’s not forget about the new xPowers on the island!

New XPowers

So what do you monkeys think of the updates? I think they are pretty cool! My favorite update has to be the HUB being changed. Which was your favorite?

Leave a comment down below!


4 thoughts on “Egypt Adventure Updates

  1. Since you are a very amazing friend, I am going to get you 50k hits by tonight ok.

  2. Hope you monkeys are as excited about the Hunt for the Golden Scarab as we are!

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