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MiniMonos Ecoproject by Redy2442!

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Hey Monkeys, This is Cade77 with an AWESOME Post that just went up! Today redy2442 has done an ecoproject about saving frogs! Enjoy reading it and awesome project Redy2442!

TEcoProjectSpotlight2Today we’re putting the spotlight on Redy2442 and her brother, who found frogspawn in their backyard.

Frogspawn is a cluster of tadpole embryo surrounded in jelly. There are thousands of eggs in the cluster, but on average only five out of the thousand survive!


After finding the frogspawn, Redy2442 and her brother took the frogspawn out of the old toy in their backyard and relocated it to a natural habitat where there is a better chance of survival.  You can learn more about frogspawn here.

Redy2442 is now an EcoMonkey and has been given the special  EcoMonkey t-shirt, EcoMonkey Top Cap, which means she can now visit the Eco  Dome on MiniMonos Island every day!

If you’re not an EcoMonkey yet, click here to learn more about the EcoMonkey program!

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