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The MOST Liked treehouses on MiniMonos!

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Hey Monkeys!

You may have heard about the contest that MiniMonos was having. The contest was to see who the most liked tree. The results are in and Go Bananas Blog posted the winners:


The results are in- after challenging you monkeys to earn the most Likes at your treehouses, we can now announce the 25 monkeys who had the top 25 most Liked treehouses during the 2012 Holidays on MiniMonos!

These monkeys have won a new super rare Top Cap for having a treehouse in the top 25- epic efforts, monkeys!

Here they are:


Way to go to all the monkeys in the Top 25- it was a super close race overall!

We can’t wait to see what epic treehouse decorating everymonkey does during the rest of 2013

Congratulations to the monkeys who got the top cap! These monkeys deserve it, they worked hard to get their treehouse good or didn’t try at all. They just got lucky I guess 🙂

If you weren’t the  top 25, maybe MiniMonos will make another most liked contest. Who Knows?



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