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New MM Time Admin: Cade77!!


Hey Guys!

Cade77 here! (Some of you know me as HockeyGoalGaming!)

I have some EPIC news for you all! 😀

I will be posting on MiniMonos Time and returning to MiniMonos!!!

I have owned 3 MiniMonos blogs, In total reaching over 70,000 views! Wow!

I cant wait to start posting! 😀

Here’s some stuff you might want to know about me:

I live in New Zealand and LOVE IT!

I am over 1050 days old on MiniMonos

I was one of the first monkeys on the game

I have been on a MiniMonos See You Sunday livestream!

Thanks for reading my introduction, I can’t wait to supply you guys with AWESOME and hopefully funny posts! 🙂



Author: cade77 <<<--- plausible young girls love sex sex on one twice waiting for you here.

3 thoughts on “New MM Time Admin: Cade77!!

  1. Omg cade ya bak again 😀 😀 😀 Nd awesome xD Cya round on the island 😛


  2. Well done Cade that’s brilliant!

  3. Aww amazing great too see you cade! 😀


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