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Be a Merry Monkey: Share the Festive Fun!

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Hey Monkeys!

Go Bananas Blog have posted a post about reminding you about sends greetings and giving likes! Here’s the post:

Be a merry monkey:  Send Holiday Cards to your friends & family!  Visit Castle Beach & send a Holiday Card now.

Give Your buddies a decoration for their tree when you ‘Like’ their treehouse.

Visit every day to get more Likes for your buddies!  You can give 3 Likes EVERY day– GOLD monkeys have 10 Likes to give away!


AND The 12 Days of Gifts is still on!Get the NEW holiday gift code being released each day.

Redeem them all before they expire on New Year’s Day & tell your friends so they don’t miss out!

What’s the best gift you have received for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

The codes that MiniMonos give will will expire on New Year’s. If you have missed any codes please go check our page that shows old codes you may have missed!


One thought on “Be a Merry Monkey: Share the Festive Fun!

  1. Merry Christmas monkey’s =P

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