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Grab your Fan Blogger Top Cap today!

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Hey Monkeys! There has been an awesome small update to MiniMonos! They have a released a RARE top cap! The Go Bananas Blog has posted about how to get it.

We love seeing all the MiniMonos fan websites being built! Today we’re excited to announce that we have a SUPER RARE Top Cap for all of our fan bloggers!


Here’s what you need to do to go onto the Blogroll of Honor & Awesomeness:

1. Put the official MiniMonos widget on the sidebar of your blog.

2. Let us know about your blog once our widget is added and email us at  Make sure you include your blog URL.

Once your blog is added to our blogroll we will add a Top Cap to your monkeys’ account!

Happy blogging!

PS: If your blog is already on the Blogroll of Honor & Awesomeness, please email Manx ( with your blog’s name and your monkeyname to claim your new top cap!

This is really awesome. Sadly, monkeys who don’t have blogs can get this. I work for MM time so I get to get one. I really think this awesome because people will know that you have a blog. Even thought many monkeys won’t get it, but at least they show how it looks like 🙂

What do think about the new top cap? Leave a comment down below!


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