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Show your ninja team spirit on MiniMonos!


Hey Monkeys!

As you may have known from my post, Ninja Showdown was slightly updated. The Go Bananas Blog has posted about it.

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The Ninja Showdown competition is fierce!  Tell your rivals that you mean business:  Show off your team spirit with new SUPER team xPowers, and invite friends to join your team!

TdYezFQIBuJYtsebBfsgwI7kzoAcNVcM7rRragGoucgAll ninja team tents are up now in Kusachi Canyon.  Earn tokens for your team and unlock EPIC, never-seen-before items inside your team’s tent!

Will YOUR team be the first to uncover all the team artifacts? Let us know in the comments!

Wow! According to this, getting tokens can get more stuff inside your tent! Plus their never-seen before items! I wonder who will get all of the items.

Let us know in the comments on who you think is to uncover the items!



2 thoughts on “Show your ninja team spirit on MiniMonos!

  1. I’m Team Tiger,but I think snakes well win….Sneaky

  2. cmon jay :DD lets not give up so soon us tigers hav some gd team work going on


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