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Ninja Showdown Updates!

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Hey Monkeys!

Ninja Showdown has slightly been updated. Let’s go check it out:


A few days back there was a new login screen, Here it is!


The tents are up! Now you can enter your tent and see whats inside. You can even enter other team’s tents, but there won’t be anything there for you.


My Team (Team Snake) had their tent up first, so we got caps! This is how it looks like for those who are not in Team Snake.


Inside your team’s tent are stuff for you to buy! You get clothes of your costume. As you can see there’s clothes that has your team on it!

There’s also your tent that you can put for your home! Oh and the poster it the stats.

This is how the tent Treehouse looks like outside:


It looks exactly like your Team’s tent. It’s awesome too.


This is the inside. This is also really awesome! I mean, having a tent as a treehouse? Awesome. It costs 3200 chips to buy it.

What do guys think? Who’s gonna win? Let me know in the comments!




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