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Ninja Team Legends: What does your team say about you?

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Hey Monkeys! Ever wanted to find out what your team is all about? Well your answer was posted on the Go Bananas Blog:

It’s almost time for the Ninja Showdown to begin!

If you haven’t opened the Door of Destiny yet to discover which team you belong to, check out these legends about what makes each ninja team so unique (and EPIC)!

CraneIconCrazy Cranes: These ninjas are very quiet and still, and are happiest when reading, drawing, or listening to music! They’re often underestimated by their rivals because of this calm exterior.

Cranes prefer to sit back and let others brag or boast, but don’t let that fool you; once the competition starts, you’ll see why Cranes are unmatched in their crazy speed and agility.They love to swoop in and steal the win!

TigerIconTrusty Tigers: Have you ever had a loyal friend who always supports you no matter what happens?  They would definitely fit in with Tigers.

These laid-back ninjas are very hard to provoke, but once you you get them going, you’ll find they are fierce defenders who stand up for truth and justice, even when it’s a hard thing to do.  Rivals will always think twice about competing against a roaring Tiger!

SnakeIconSneaky Snakes: It’s said that Snakes are the sneakiest ninja team around, but we can’t find any of them to ask!  They’re amazingly clever, and can always find a way out of trouble.

These sly ninjas are known as masters of disguise, so they may not always be what the seem!  They love to ambush their rivals too, so be wary of that ninja next to you- they could be a Snake in disguise!
DragonIconDouble Dragons: These powerful ninjas are proven leaders with a strong, confident nature.  Dragons will always pick the straightest path to victory because they make decisions and then act quickly.

Although they can easily take the lead against any competitor, they’re so focused on glory that they may forget they’re on a team instead of alone!  It doesn’t mean you’ll defeat them easily, though: Dragons always regroup to double their determination to win!

Pretty impressive stuff, monkeys! We can’t wait for the Ninja Showdown to start- we know you can’t either!

Tell us what else we should know about your ninja team’s legend!  What are some of your team’s favorite things?

This is really awesome! Now I know more about my team then I usually did. Did this help you on understanding more about your team? Hopefully it did!



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