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Ninja Showdown Has Begun!

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Hey Monkeys!

The Ninja Showdown has begun right now! Let’s see the new updates on MiniMonos!


Starting off, we have a new login screen! Pretty cool ain’t?


Castle Beach has been getting a little smokey. As you can see Ninja Showdown has started! See that token on the floor? We will talk about it later.

If you click the icon on your top right corner, you will get this:


It will show your teams progress! team is way behind (Team Snake) Hopefully that will change.Now those tokens I was talking about. They will give you 2 points (and 2 chips) to raise your teams flag.


Your teams Tent is Under Construction right now, but it will open soon. In that house you can make invite cards to enter a contest or invite friends to your team:


That’s about all I can find. The entrance where your flags are, isn’t open yet, but hopefully soon. What do you think about the showdown? Who do you think is going to win?

This is my first time in the Ninja Showdown as I said before. It’s gonna be great!



One thought on “Ninja Showdown Has Begun!

  1. Woot! Let the Showdown begin! Hehe amazing xD


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