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Enter the Ninja Showdown Card Contest!

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Hey Monkeys!

The Ninja Showdown has begun and Bananatastic has a contest for us!

Help YOUR team get ahead in the Ninja Showdown and be in to win EPIC prizes including 1,000 Banana Chips, 25 Shells (or more), and awesome Ninja Team xPowers?

Enter the Ninja Showdown Card Contest!



Here’s how you can enter:

  • Visit the printing house in Kusachi Canyon!  If you don’t know where it is, open the Door of Destiny on Long Beach, and then walk to the right.
  • Besign your EPIC ninja card!
  • Send it to your friends in real life!  The first card you send will earn your team 500 ninja tokens!
  • Send your card to andinclude your monkeyname in the form.

The most ninja-mazing card designers from EACH ninja team (Crane, Snake, Tiger, and Dragon) will win 1,000 Banana Chips and 25 SHELLS!

The monkey who designs the COOLEST Ninja Showdown card out of all the entries will win a BONUS: 25 Shells and a pack of brand new xPowers! 

The winners will be chosen on December 3rd!

What are you waiting for?  Enter Ninja Showdown Card Contest now!

It’s a really good idea to enter because this can help your team a lot. The winners will be chosen December 3rd. You also get 25 shells if you win!

Thanks Bananatastic for the new contest!



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