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Ninja Showdown Best Team Photo!

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Hey Monkeys!

The Go Bananas Blog has posted a new contest! Let’s check it out:

Crazy crane!Trusty tiger!Sneaky snake!Double dragon!Ninjas are running all over MiniMonos island! Can you capture the best photo of your buddies showing their team spirit?


How it works:
Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 2.54.58 PMTake the best picture of your team and you could win epic xpowers to support your team during the Ninja Showdown!

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 2.54.58 PMShare your picture with Bananatastic using the Minimonos’ camera share button! Use “” as the friends email!

Make sure you send us your BEST team photo by November 16th to be entered into the contest.

Good luck, ninjas!

Anybody can enter this contest! It’s pretty easy, but you must have the BEST picture and send it to Bananatastic.

What do you think of the contest? Are you going to enter it? Leave a comment on what you think!




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