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Open the Door of Destiny on MiniMonos!

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Hey Monkeys!

Yesterday I posted about the Ninja Showdown coming soon! Now, The Go Bananas Blog has posted about as well.

A serious showdown is about to begin on MiniMonos, in a way that’s NEVER been seen before!

Open the Door of Destiny to discover which ninja team YOU belong to!  Then prepare for the EPIC Ninja Showdown in Kusachi Canyon, the NEW area on MiniMonos Island.

Leave a comment and let us know what team you’re on!

PS:  Check out the new prepaid MiniMonos cards!  You get a FREE epic ninja suit with every card code you redeem!

There’s gonna be new area on MiniMonos! It’s gonna come soon, once Ninja Showdown starts. You can still get a FREE Ninja Suit for buying prepaid cards.

Thanks for the post MiniMonos!



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