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Ninja Showdown Coming Soon!

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Hey Monkeys!

Have you heard? Ninja Showdown is coming back! Let’s take a look on the new updates:


This login is awesome! Who are you going to choose? Guess what…you can’t choose. It’s your destiny that chooses your team. Let me explain a little better.


This door is called the destiny door. Go into this door and it will give you some stuff to choose:


As you can see you have to choose what you do/like/play. What happens when you finish? That’s when your team is chosen for you.


Im Team Snake! My destiny has chosen this team. I wonder what you monkeys are going to be? Leave a comment of what team your destiny chose!


When you click “YAY!” You will go to this room. Now I don’t think this room is in the map. So the only way to enter is by going through the destiny door.

This is where it will begin. It’s still under construction, but it will come soon. You can get YOUR TEAM Ninja Costume. You can’t buy anything else but your team’s costume.

Each one cost 15 shells. Sadly I don’t think you can change your ninjas color. I heard last time you can. Maybe after the construction is over, we can change your ninja’s color.

Hope you monkeys enjoy the Ninja Showdown once it comes!



One thought on “Ninja Showdown Coming Soon!

  1. I’m team tiger!

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