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Winning Upcycled Halloween Costumes!

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Hey Monkeys!

As you can remember, there was a contest on making your own costume using recycled items!

The Go Bananas Blog has posted the winners!

Hi monkeys,

JackJack and Mitchallen created awesome costumes for theUpcycled Halloween Costume contest.

We thought JackJack’s costume was EPIC! JackJack has been rewarded with a 6 month membership, 50 shells, and will get to pick a minimonos costume of his choice!


Mitchallen’s mask was super-cool! Mitchallen won a 1 month membership and 25 shells!


Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

Have you ever created an upcycled item using old materials? If you have, you should tell us about it and submit it as an Eco-Project! Learn more about the EcoMonkey program by clicking here.

Whoa! Those are some epic costumes! Congrats on both of them! Do you guys like these costumes? There are awesome!

Once again congrats on both of you! You monkeys are really artistic.


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