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Happy Halloween!


Hey mummkeys!

We have a little contest for you tonight… All you have to do is create a Halloween poem. If you do not celebrate Halloween, please make a poem about Fall (Autumn) or Winter.

WINNERS WILL RECEIVE xPOWERS. (10 Go Ghost, 10 Go Bones, 5 Go Halloween)

Make sure that your poem is ORIGINAL, and not copied. (we will be checking)

Well, good luck & Happy Halloween.

Contest will be open until November 7th.



12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Do you have to do it in the comments or message changutio or tommypp or techobanana, cool contest and I might enter
    Chaungito: Do it in the comments! 🙂

  2. Ok here’s mine: The Gargoyle’s Stare
    A gargoyle watches from its high up perch,
    Waiting for people to stray,
    Its green eyes carefully scanning the ground,
    But late at night misfortune spreads,
    As the gargoyle devours its prey…
    You must be careful where you walk,
    Until day……..

    By jayfeather4

  3. sound Fangtastic! 😀


  4. My Poem:
    Oh hallowe’en when the dogs turn green and the witches are coming to you
    the mummies sing the zombies ping and the vampires go to the loo.
    lock your doors go to bed and stay in all night cause the monsters are coming
    coming tonight to you.


  5. My Poem: (just for fun)
    yeaaaaaah its halloween its awesome dont you agree…we have pie and we can’t deny that awesome flavor of pie because I can’t read poems cause the name is technobanana…not poembanana


  6. Love the poems, everyone! Keep getting your entries in! 🙂 They close on November 10th!!

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