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New Author!


Hey there monkeys.

My name is Chaungito, & I am the new author on MiniMonos Time! I am super excited to be working with Tomyypp & Technobanana. As a little introduction, I have re-designed MiniMonos Time totally! Let me know if you like it.

Well, I hope we get to know each other better! 🙂
Thanks Tommypp & all fellow monkeys.



5 thoughts on “New Author!

  1. Hey Chaungito Welcome! N Awesome design for the blog loving the new look! 😀


  2. I luv it Chaungito! 😀 what an awesome new staff for the blog! 😀


  3. Wow! Chaungito! I’m loving the new look! It’s gonna be great working with you =)

  4. Well done Chaungito, can’t wait to read your posts:D

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