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MiniMonos: Upcycled Halloween Costume Contest!

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Hey Monkeys!

You may have seen or heard about the new contest on MiniMonos! It’s almost Halloween so this time its special!  Let’s out check out the contest:

Halloween is almost here, and we want to see how creative you can be with your costumes this year!  Instead of buying a costume, why not make your own epic homemade Halloween costume using recycable items?

You’ll go in the draw to win SPOOKTASTIC prizes, ANDbecome an ecomonkey at the same time!


How to enter:

PumpkinMake a Halloween costume out of recycled items, second-hand clothing, or other used items!  Take a photo of the items you’re using to make your costume — this will be your ‘before’ photo!

Pumpkin Once you’ve made your costume, get your parents to take a photo of you wearing your costume, or take a photo of your finished costume — this will be your ‘after’ photo!

Pumpkin Visit the Eco Dome on MiniMonos and submit your costume an eco-project.  Make sure you put ‘Costume’ as the club name!

PrizeWhat you could win:

First place: 6-month Gold membership, 50 Shells, and any costume on MiniMonos!

Second place: 1-month Gold membership and 25 Shells!

The deadline is November 1st, so get started on your epic upcycled costume now!

This contest is so awesome! Making your own Halloween costume sounds like a lot of fun! Are you monkeys to enter?

The 1st and 2nd get prizes as said in the post. I really like this because you don’t have to buy a costume,instead you can make your own!




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