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MiniMonos: Halloween Updates!

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Hey Monkeys!

It’s getting spooky on MiniMonos…anyway there been new updates, shall we get started?

New login screen, congrats to the Ninjas on winning! Seems to be there are new costumes.

Yep I was right! There is new costumes! Not really new, but a different color. There are more costumes around the island and not just Castle Beach. See that pumpkin on the top right corner? Click on it and you will get this:

Whoa! If you say trick or treat at some places you will get a surprise! How do you know where to say “trick or treat”? That’s all in your map!

Looks like pumpkins have taken over.Nope, not at all.It’s just showing where to say “trick or treat” at! I will show you monkeys an example of me doing this.

Everybody is wearing a costume! Saying “trick or treat” here will make snakes come out! Each is different I believe.

At Banana Grove, instead of banana smoothies, it’s blood smoothies. Pretty cool isn’t!

At Crystal Cave, it’s been decorated with Halloween stuff at Marco is there! You can also make a pumpkin card to send to your friends!

This is awesome MiniMonos! Are you monkeys going to wear costumes? If you don’t have one already you can buy one! Each one cost 15 shells.

Now go log in to MiniMonos and start “Trick or Treat” around the island! Also don’t forget about the Make your own costume contest!

See you guys on MiniMonos!



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