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MiniMonos: Find MiniMonos eco cards to win PIE!

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Hey Monkeys!

Remember those MiniMonos Eco Gift Cards? Well if you do, There are coming out October 26th.

The Go Bananas Blog has posted about this as well:

Guess what, monkeys!  New MiniMonos Membership eco cards are coming to stores in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand!


The new MiniMonos Membership eco cards are very special —they can be recycled after you use them — which means they don’t create extra waste that ends up in landfills!

To celebrate the release of these new eco cards, we’ve decided to give any monkey who finds the new eco cards any kind of pie xpower they want — 100 of them!

Here’s how you can win 100 pie xpowers of your choice:

  • Find a new 1-Month or 6-Month MiniMonos Membership eco card in a store near you
  • Take a picture of it!
  • Email the picture to along with your monkeyname and let us know what kind of pie xpowers you would like!

Sadly, I can’t get these awesome gift cards. Like I said i live in the US,but for UK, Australia, and New Zealand monkeys you can get these,and win 100 pie xPowers!

Instructions on getting them are the bullet points. Are you monkeys getting these? Leave a comment if you are!

I believe you also get a “Free” Ninja Costume when you buy one!

See you soon monkeys!



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