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MiniMonos: MiniMonos Hot Swap on Swapit!


Hey Monkeys!

We have exciting news that’s been posted on the Go Bananas Blog!

We’ve got some exciting news for UK monkeys!

Swapit is featuring AWESOME MiniMonos goodies this week as one of their Hot Swaps!  Swapit is the only FREE online trading and auction site for kids in the UK!

Check out what the MiniMonos Hot Swap includes:

  • A MiniMonos hoody
  • A MiniMonos iPhone cover
  • A MiniMonos t-shirt
  • MiniMonos temporary tattoos


How does Swapit work?

Earn swapits to spend on toys, music, and other cool items by doing quizzes, competitions & more!

Once you earn enough swapits, use them to bid on cool stuff you see on the site!

The highest bidder wins and the item is sent to the winner in the post!

Sounds pretty bananamazing, doesn’t it? We think so!

If you’re in the UK, go visit Swapit now!

The Hot Swap ends on October 18th, at 7pm (UK Time)!

Wow! That’s awesome! I cant do this because I’m in USA, but UK kids can do this awesome thing!

Thanks for the news MiniMonos! We really appreciate it!



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