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MiniMonos: Pirates vs Ninjas


Hey Monkeys!

It’s finally here,Pirates vs Ninjas! So let’s get started!

We have a new epic login screen. Which team are you on? Choose quickly if you haven’t already!

Castle Beach now has 2 flags which are Ninjas and Pirates. Both will raise at sometime, How to make it raise? We will talk about that later on.

So Marco is Half Ninja and Pirate.Interesting….anyway this it where it begins, if click “GO TO NINJA BASE” or “GO TO PIRATE BASE” you will go your teams base.

You can join your team where it says join! The ninja’s base is at Mountain Path. (if your on the ninja team,if you say “Go Ninjas” black smoke will come out and you will invisible UPDATE: You must buy the xPower first)

(if you say Go Pierates it will rain pies,works for anybody) (if your on the pirate team and you say go pirates, parrots will come and a parrot will be on your shoulder UPDATE: You must buy the xPower first) or if your in the Pirate team your base will be at Hana Cove!

Once you join your team, you will get a flag.Now this is where you can raise your teams flag at Castle Beach.You can find a pole that’s empty or the other teams flag you can put your flag there! One at a time, which means you have to get a new one once you put one up.

You can also help your team by giving stuff which is really helpful. I already have the Ninja Flag, but not everything.

……Darn it….LOL! (it happens if your a ninja and go to the pirate’s base) (pirates this will happen when you go to ninja’s base)

This is really awesome! Do you monkeys think this is awesome? I sure do!

Well see you soon! TECHNO VANISH!


3 thoughts on “MiniMonos: Pirates vs Ninjas

  1. Bamanamazing post! NINJAS RULE! 😛

  2. Team ninja! Woot!

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