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MiniMonos: Pirates vs Ninjas Coming Soon!


Hey Monkeys!

We have new updates on MiniMonos! Let’s get started!

New login screen! Wow! Seems like Pirates vs Ninjas is coming back Yay!!

WooHoo! The oil is all gone! Thank you monkeys for helping us by cleaning up MiniMonos!

Whoa! There’s a statue with a pirate and a ninja on it! If you click on it, you will get this:

You can invite friends to become a ninja or a pirate! If you click “PIRATE SWAG” or “NINJA KIT” You will go to Traderz and whatever one you clicked on, you will go to the section of Traderz where the Pirate or Ninja stuff are!

Now that the water is all cleaned up, we have new animals! We have a turtle AND we have crabs:

Inside those holes are crabs! They are really cool looking!

Now when you go to Hana Cove,Marco will be there and if you talk to him:

He will reward you with a Top Cap for cleaning up MiniMonos!

What are you guys going to be? Ninja or Pirate? Put your answer in the Comments!

I’m gonna be a Ninja and Tommypp is gonna be a Ninja as well!

See you guys on MiniMonos!



4 thoughts on “MiniMonos: Pirates vs Ninjas Coming Soon!

  1. pirattes!

  2. Ninja! Ftw!!

  3. Ninjas Ftw!!!!

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