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MiniMonos: Beach Rescue!

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Hey monkeys!

There has been a HUGE updates to MiniMonos.

Let’s get started shall we?

New log in screen. It’s awesome as always 🙂

The beach is covered with oil! Oh no! Monkeys, Help us!

You will collect stuff for your monkey such as a shirt. Which is the shirt i’m wearing in the pictures.

Where do I do with the trash you may ask. At the Rescue HQ of course!

This where you can put your trash into a bag and then recycle them at the Recycle Center!

“Where did this oil come from?”

Remember that ship that was coming? Take a look:

That ship was carrying oil! Then the tornado made it crash to MiniMonos island!

Let’s take a look in the Rescue HQ 😀

” Members only!” Sorry non-members…But at least you know how it looks like!

So we got a hard hat and a worker coat that is FREE.

On the top left of your screen you will an icon! Click it and this will show up.

It’s your progress on how much you have cleaned the beach! The more you clean the beaches, you will award for doing so!

This is epic MiniMonos! I really enjoy cleaning the beaches 🙂

Make sure to help us out as well!

See ya soon!



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