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MiniMonos Time Membership Contest!


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Hey Monkeys!

I’ve got really exciting news for you all! I happen to have (Thanks Alpha and EcoMom) something really cool at my house! Right here next to me!

I am going to give away some 3 DAY MEMBERSHIP CARDS! Yes, that’s right!! They each come with 10 BONUS Shells as well!!

I have 3 to give away here with me!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Type your monkey name in the comments below!
  2. If you’re a winner, I will message you the code on MiniMonos!

It’s that easy! Yes, that’s all! Don’t worry if you can’t comment below, because you can do this:

  1. Message me on MiniMonos saying “Membership”!
  2. If you’re a winner, I will message you the code on MiniMonos!

Both of those entry ways work! Our aim is to get as many entries as possible! Let’s bring MiniMonos Time to the EXTREME!

NOTE: First membership card will be draw on Friday 14th September 2012 (Saturday 15th September 2012 NZ Time and AUS Time)!

NOTE: Second and third membership cards will be drawn next Monday 17th September 2012 (Tuesday 18th September NZ Time and AUS Time)!

~Tommypp and Technobanana~


Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

12 thoughts on “MiniMonos Time Membership Contest!

  1. my minimonos name is…
    no capitals and no spaces.

  2. Taliajessie 🙂

  3. my minimonos name3 is Pokepika (always do it with capital p)
    i’ve also got a friend who would love the member ship his name is tennyson41
    please let me win im dieing for membership and i’ve never been a member before

  4. My minimonos name is MarcoMan9

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