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EcoMom is leaving!



Hi monkeys!

I want to let you know that I will be moving countries, and will be finishing as Community Manager for MiniMonos.

Here are some questions you might be asking:

Q: So will there be a new EcoMom?  

A: YES!  And she is BananAMAZING! She is FUN, loves kids and loves MiniMonos!  The new EcoMom has kids who were already players on MiniMonos and she has already been learning about everything we do on MiniMonos. She also really believes in online safety. She will introduce herself to you soon 🙂

Q: Why are you leaving?

A: It was a family decision to move to Australia due to my husband having an opportunity there.

Q: Are you sad to be leaving?

A: Yes.  Although it will be a fresh start for us in a new country and we will enjoy that, I will really miss talking every day to our incredible kids and teens.  But I will still come and visit! My new monkeyname is AussieEM! 🙂

Q: When is your last day?

A: I finish at the end of Wed (UK/US time)

Q:  How does Eco feel about it?

A: Many of you know that Eco on MiniMonos, is my son.  He is really excited to be moving to a new country and says that he will also be back on MiniMonos to visit you!

I want to tell you how much I have absolutely loved working at MiniMonos, how much you guys make me laugh and have fun with you.  I am so inspired by who you are and the difference you want to make to others and the planet.  Thank you.

Please ask me any more questions you want to, in the comments below, and I hope that you will make the new EcoMom really welcome!  I know you’ll really like her! 🙂

How Tommypp Feels

I am extremely sad to hear this news but am more than happy to welcome to new community manager to MiniMonos very soon!

I thank you for all the amazing times we have had together and all the help you have given me.

I appreciate your kindness and generosity!
It will be sad to see you go and think of all the fantastic times we have had together although I believe you will still have a bananamazing time in Australia! It’s a great place.

I hope you, Eco and EcoDad have the most wonderful time in one of the best places in the world and I hope that you had the most amazing experience in the BEST country in the world……….. NEW ZEALAND! 😀

Even though I may call you a portray-er hehe!! I still know that there are good reasons for you to be travelling to Aussie!

I once again applaud you for your amazing hard work and time you have spent on MiniMonos!
Thank you for all of my favourite times on MiniMonos and I know the ‘new’ EcoMom will do just the same as you did!

Goodbye old EcoMom and welcome new EcoMom!

I am very sad about her leaving but I am sure she would like us all to welcome in the new EcoMom so welcome new ECOMOM! 😀



Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

2 thoughts on “EcoMom is leaving!

  1. Thanks for this! It’s my first day and it has been so awesome so far!! I like your blog 😉
    New EM

    • Woohoo! Thank you so much new EcoMom! I’m glad your having an awesome first day! I am sure you already know a lot about me haha! Thanks for the compliment about my blog! I really appreciate it 🙂

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