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MiniMonos DIAMOND Jubilee!!

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Hey my favourite monkeys!!

How’s your day going so far? Bad? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got some ground-breaking, banana smashing news for you!!

MiniMonos have literally JUST told us that we have got a big weekend of events lined up…… **********HUGE CELEBRATIONS!**********

Cool costumes, FREE Diamond Jubilee gifts and an awesome line up of activities throughout the WHOLE weekend!

Right through from Saturday to Tuesday!


EPIC!! MiniMonos you made us proud to be monkeys once again!

I will post another post with all the updates soon!!

Let me know whether you will be going to any of these parties this weekend!



Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

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