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Eco-Dome is OPEN!

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Theodore1 here!, today I’m going to tell you all about the Eco-Dome Which is now OPEN ,

Inside the Eco-Dome you’ll find a monkey named Jala she’ll tell you all about Eco-projects and also the Eco-dome is very err… ECO!!! , I think the Eco-Dome is a great way to get more people to be an Eco-monkey because monkeys will want to go inside the Eco-Dome .And also monkeys Sorry I can’t upload a picture of what the Eco-Dome looks like on the inside. I’m having trouble with WordPress , So monkeys leave a comment and tell me what YOU like about the Eco-Dome and if it encourages you to become an Eco-monkey

-Theodore1 🙂

(P.S Have a merry Xmas monkeys!)


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