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Interview with monkey: Cuku

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Screen Shot 2011-11-12 at 10.13.21 AMWhat’s your FAVORITE item in the new Egyptian themed catalog at Traderz?

The whole egyptian catalog is awesome, but if I would have to take one thing I would take the Pharaoh Headdress which costs 480 coins.

I see that you’re a Mini Mod, do you have any tips for monkeys who want to become a Mini Mod?

I do not have a tip for them, but it is really fun to show the new monkeys around and helping them out in stuff… so just keep working hard and one day you’ll become a MiniMod too!

xPowers! Which xPower do you like to see the most?

My favorite xPower that is out right now is the Go Treat xPower!

How did you find out about MiniMonos?

I actually found out about minimonos from my mom!

Random question! What’s your favorite pie filling?

I would say plum pie because my dad makes this REALLY good pie with plums!

Awesome!! Thanks soo much for letting me interview you!

Wow that was a cool interview great job cuku! I hope we have more interviews like this in the futre tell me what you think in the comments.

-Theodore1 and Ecomom


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