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MiniMonos – Monkey Fact monday! ;)

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Hey Monkeys!

This week Taylor1318 is posting about Rhesus Monkeys! If you look at the picture below they are really cute! Lol. 😀

Rhesus-monkey_685_600x450Picture from National Geographic Mammals page as well as most information below.

As you can see from the picture, Rhesus Monkeys are brownish color with red faces, pretty cute right?

These monkeys are mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia, and China. A few military troops also introduced Rhesus Monkeys to America!

You will normally find Rhesus monkeys eating roots, fruit, seeds and bark, but also bugs and small animals. They live in troops (monkey groups) that can be as big as 200 monkeys! Whoa! That must be NOISY! 😀

Rhesus monkeys can climb and swim really well but prefer to spend most of their time on the ground — just like us!

Cool facts huh?  Well, we hope you enjoy this week’s Monkey Fact Monkey and you can find more information on the Rhesus Monkey here on National Geographic.

Have a Bananatastic day!

-Taylor1318 (& Calypso!)

Cool post, Taylor1318! 🙂 I’m sure Calypso love it too! xD

~Tommypp~MiniMonos Time Owner! =D


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