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MiniMonos – MiniJghRock’s bananamazing review!

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Hello Monkeys,

Wow I must say what an amazing Pirates vs. Ninjas party we had! Here is the bananamazing review that MiniJghRocks did!

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who came to the Pirates Vs Ninjas Party yesterday. Here’s a quick party review, in case you missed it!

303lbidFirst, we did a Flag Raid game! In the Flag Raid, you go to your teams base (Hana Cove for Pirates and Mountain Path for Ninjas) and pick up a flag of your team from your team’s treasure chest. Then, you go to various flagpoles hidden in every outdoor room on the island and hang your flag! To hang your flag on the pole, you walk up the pole and hit the flag in the top right corner. When you put up a flag, your team flag rises at Castle Beach! 😀

After the end of the Flag Raid, I’m pretty sure it was actually …..A TIE!!! xDD

But, after going a teensy bit after time was called, the ninjas took the lead! 🙂

The Flag Raid is actually still going on, so you can login right now and play! 😀

Next, we had some giveaways! These monkeys won 10 shells each! McDonalds, Bannanarama, Tommypp, Wohoo & Cade77 (Cade donated his shells to a contest on his blog. Check it out by clicking HERE!) Congrats to them! 😀

Afterwards we played Monkey Fist, Find the Matty (xDD), and then just goofed around till the end of the party! It was SOOO Much fun! Check out these snapshots of the party!

Here are the Winners of Best Pirate and Best Ninja awards!

The Winner of the Best Ninja:


Bannanarama was VERY active in this party, even starting the Flag Raid before the party began (LOL!) During the Flag Raid, he was running all around changing Flags, and during the rest of the party, he was just very energetic and even won a giveaway! Yay!! 🙂

The winner of Best Pirate:


Tommypp was also very into the party! He was running around the island like crazy putting up flags, and defending flags for his team! Again, he was very energetic during th rest of the party, too, even winning a giveaway!

Now, because it was a such a hard decision between these two monkeys, which was better, we had a TWO Best Pirates.

The winner of Best Pirate (#2):


Bluezy was doing AWESOME during the Flag Raid. He had bought the Go Team! power, and would stay in the same room a while. When a ninja came and put up a flag, he’d use his power so the pirates would keep that room. 🙂 He did so good at it he even made Bananatastic give up on that room! xDD

Congrats to you three!

Thank  you to EVERYMONKEY for coming, and especially thank Bananatastic for helping us and also Badgerfox & the rest of the MiniMonos Development Team for putting SO MUCH work into this party, making the flag raid possible, and thank MiniMonos for letting us make it so huge! You guys rock!

Wow! That is a bananamazing review there, MiniJghRocks!

~Tommypp~ MiniMonos Time Owner!


Author: Tommypp

Hey Everyone! I'm Tommypp, I live in New Zealand. I hope you're enjoying the website as we try to update it as often as we can! I hope you have a lovely stay and see you soon, on MiniMonos!

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