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MiniMonos – Monkey Fact Tuesday!

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This week we’re having a Monkey Fact TUESDAY instead of a Monkey Fact Monday! — EcoMom

Hey Monkeys!

I was talking to Viper today, and she brought up this really cool type of monkey she thought would be PERFECT to tell you some monkey facts about! Are you ready? They are called Slow Loris Monkeys!

There are so many great things about these monkeys. One thing is how cute they are! Just look at the picture below:


Okay, I could probably go on talking about how cute they are ALL DAY, but here are some other facts: These monkeys are tiny. Not only do they not grow very big, but they grow really sloooow too.

And some more facts about these cool monkeys:

  • Slow Loris’s are nocturnal.  (They sleep during the day and play all night!)
  • You know how your dog has a wet nose most of the time? So do these monkeys! That’s pretty unusual for a monkey 🙂
  • I think the craziest thing about these monkeys are that they are poisonous! Slow Loris’s are the only primate that has a toxic bite.

Wow, I don’t know about you guys, but I found these monkeys really interesting! Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday! 🙂

Awesome post Calypso!

~Tommypp~ MiniMonos Time Owner!


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